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Use CJA with cURL

cURL is a command line tool that allows you to transfer data across various network protocols. You can use cURL to submit API calls to Adobe.


Make sure that you meet all requirements on the Getting started page, including:

Send a simple API call using cURL#

  1. Open your operating system's command prompt or terminal.

  2. Type curl -V then press enter. Make sure that -V is capitalized.

  3. If you get cURL's version number and list of supported features, you have the tool installed. If you get an unrecognized command, install cURL.

  4. Adobe requires three headers for API calls. You can use the -H option to include them.

    • x-api-key: The Client ID found in the Adobe I/O Console.
    • x-gw-ims-org-id: The Organization ID found in the Adobe I/O Console.
    • access_token: The access token generated from the JWT.
  5. Formulate the API call to Adobe with the required headers and an API call retrieving basic user information:

    Copied to your clipboard
    curl -X GET -H "x-api-key: {CLIENT_ID}" -H "x-gw-ims-org-id: {ORGANIZTION_ID}" -H "authorization: Bearer {ACCESS_TOKEN}" "https://cja.adobe.io/aresconfig/users/me"
  6. Adobe's servers return a JSON object containing information around the technical account.

You can now use the API Reference to send API calls to the CJA API.

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