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I/O Events Properties

This page describes the properties of Creative Cloud Libraries events. For direction on subscribing to these events, see Configuring Webhooks for Created Cloud Libraries Events.

id string#

The generated unique ID of the event.

source string#

The partition key, which, in the case of CC Libraries events, is the Repository ID.

specversion string#

The spec version.

type string#

The type of event.

datacontenttype string#

The content type of the data object.

dataschema string#

The URN of the Events Schema.

time string#

The timestamp of the event creation.

xactionid string#

The request ID, which is used for debugging.

recipient object#

The IMS user ID and application client ID of the recipient of the event.

recipient.userid string#

The IMS user ID of the recipient of the event.

recipient.clientid string#

The application client ID of the recipient of the event.

dataschemaversion string#

The version of the Events Schema.

data object#

The event object.

data.xdmEntity object#

The XDM Entity object, which contains a list of changed Resources that represent the Asset change.

data.xdmEntity.event:resources object#

An object containing all the Resource Change objects related to the event. Resource changes are identified by the link relation associated with the Resource.

  • Note: There is always a Resource Change object for the Repository Metadata Resource, even if this Resource was not affected by the action that triggered the event. This is because the Repository Metadata Resource is required to be embedded in the event.

data.xdmEntity.event:resources.<link relation> object#

The Resource Change object, which describes how a particular Resource was affected by the action that triggered the event.

  • Note: The property will be the link relation associated with the Resource (e.g., http://ns.adobe.com.adobecloud/rel/metadata/repository).

data.xdmEntity.event:resources.<link relation>.event:action string#

Specifies the type of change to the Resource. Possible values are: created, updated, deleted and none. none is used, for example, to embed the Repository Metadata, when this Resource was not affected by the action that triggered the event.

data.xdmEntity.event:resources.<link relation>.event:embedded object#

The embedded JSON representation of the Resource.

data.xdmEntity.event:resources.<link relation>.event:sequence number#

A sequence number of the event that is unique within the current Repository. It is used to detect out-of-sequence events.

data.xdmEntity.event:resources.<link relation>.event:repository object#

Data about the Repository of the Asset affected by the event.

data.xdmEntity.event:resources.<link relation>.event:repository.repo:owner object#

The ID and owner type of the Repository.

data.xdmEntity.event:resources.<link relation>.event:repository.repo:owner.id string#

The ID of the Repository owner (i.e., the IMS user ID or IMS org ID).

data.xdmEntity.event:resources.<link relation>.event:repository.repo:owner.type string#

The type of Repository owner. Legal values are user (for a User Repository owner) and org (for an Organizational Repository owner).

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