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Folder structure

When you have the right structure for your XD plugin, it will look like this:

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2├── main.js
3└── manifest.json

Your plugin's parent folder#

In the develop folder, create a new folder for your plugin with any name you like.

Your plugin files#

Within the parent folder, you'll need at minimum two files, with these exact names:

  1. manifest.json is your plugin’s manifest.
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This file is where you include _facts_ about your plugin, such as its name, the menu item(s) it adds to XD, and so on. [Learn about the manifest here](/develop/plugin-development/plugin-structure/manifest/).
  1. main.js is your plugin’s code.
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This file contains your JavaScript code that implements the logic for your plugin. [Learn more about `main.js` here](/develop/plugin-development/plugin-structure/handlers/).

These two files go into your plugin's parent directory.

The manifest.json and main.js files stored in your plugin's parent directory are the bare minimum requirement for your plugin to work, but it's possible to have more JavaScript files if you want. You can learn about including further JavaScript files in our JavaScript concepts section on using require.

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