XDM: Experience Data Model

The Experience Business speaks one Language: XDM

Experience Data Model (XDM) is the common language for the experience business. Applications leverage XDM to make information coming from multiple sources — within the Adobe Cloud Platform, Adobe Solutions, or your own — immediately understandable and actionable by multiple applications. Enabling you to deliver the right message, offer, experience, and content at the right time. To do this, one requires a common understanding of the journey of people and their assets across multiple touchpoints both online (website, mobile, advertising) and offline (call center, customer support, CRM).

XDM is a data model you can introduce and accept into your own customer data model. Adobe has materialized XDM in the Adobe Cloud Platform for a native understanding of data (context, audiences, and metrics) and content (assets and channels)


Disparate data sources, same understanding

Share data and insights across Experience Applications (both Adobe's and others) for a true 360-degree view of your customer; their assets and their data.

Open and Extendable

XDM is an open specification published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC 4.0) in a public GitHub repository. It can be extended and customized with your own fields and attributes which can then be used across the Adobe Cloud Platform.

Faster time to value

With standardized definitions for the core concepts in the experience business, you can simplify new deployments, new channels, and new data sources. Any application that reads XDM will understand the new data automatically.

Unify your data on the Adobe Cloud Platform

Data in structured with XDM will work natively across Adobe Experience Cloud products making analysis, machine learning, and customer activation simple.

Speak to your customers with one voice

Delightful customer engagement requires context. With ExperienceEvent, XDM defines a standard way to express how customers are consuming digital experiences, how they’re engaging with you both online and offline.

Working with assets

Digital Assets like videos, images, and documents are at the heart of digital experiences and the Adobe Cloud Platform. Starting from a foundation of existing standards for digital asset metadata like XMP and EXIF, XDM provides a modern approach to understanding your assets.

Adobe + Microsoft

Microsoft’s Common Data Model (CDM) and Adobe’s XDM speak the same language, connecting Adobe’s leading Experience products to Microsoft’s world-class business applications, giving customers a powerful, comprehensive marketing-to-sales service that drives the business.
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