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Interested in Open Source at Adobe?

Well, you've come to the right place. We're all about innovation at Adobe and Open Source development is key in our pursuit of world-changing digital experiences.

It all started with our contribution of Tamarin to the Mozilla Foundation. Since then we have released hundreds of pieces of technology under open source licenses. On GitHub alone, there are more than 250 public repositories and 30+ GB of code that represent 17 organizations within Adobe. Open Source projects such as Brackets, Source Code Pro, Topcoat and snap.SVG are all top-rated projects on GitHub and actively extend the capabilities of the open Web.

Our teams also continue to contribute to Open Source browser applications, such Gecko, Blink and WebKit. The Adobe Web platform organization on GitHub is a great resource that highlights a number of significant Open Source contributions for capabilities like CSS shapes and regions.

Adobe has been equally active in our release and support of Open Source technologies and communities. Have a favorite Apache Software Foundation project? We are very active in contributing to projects such as Apache Felix, Apache Oak, Apache Aries, Apache Jackrabbit, and Apache Stanbol. Additionally, some projects within Apache started as donations from Adobe, such as Apache Flex and Apache Cordova.

Project Spotlight



Take a closer look at PhoneGap and what it means to be 100% open-source. Learn how the project has benefited from opening up its code to developers and contributors from around the world. Read more.



Brackets is a lightweight, open source web editor founded in 2011. Brackets has been open-source from its very first days, making it the first 100% open-source project started at Adobe. Read more.

Creative SDK

Creative SDK

Get access to UI components and headless APIs using the Creative SDK. Connect your users to the Creative Cloud platform directly within your mobile or web app. Learn more.

Latest news

Latest Open Source News

The Creative SDK team has just released three PhoneGap plugins that are all Open Source!

Image editor plugin
Template for the image author plugin
Client auth and image editor UI plugins