Class ServiceEvent

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    public class ServiceEvent
    extends EventObject
    An event from the Framework describing a service lifecycle change.

    ServiceEvent objects are delivered to ServiceListeners and AllServiceListeners when a change occurs in this service's lifecycle. A type code is used to identify the event type for future extendability.

    OSGi Alliance reserves the right to extend the set of types.

    See Also:
    ServiceListener, AllServiceListener, Serialized Form
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        public static final int UNREGISTERING
        This service is in the process of being unregistered.

        This event is synchronously delivered before the service has completed unregistering.

        If a bundle is using a service that is UNREGISTERING, the bundle should release its use of the service when it receives this event. If the bundle does not release its use of the service when it receives this event, the Framework will automatically release the bundle's use of the service while completing the service unregistration operation.

        See Also:
        ServiceRegistration.unregister(), BundleContext.ungetService(ServiceReference), Constant Field Values

        public static final int MODIFIED_ENDMATCH
        The properties of a registered service have been modified and the new properties no longer match the listener's filter.

        This event is synchronously delivered after the service properties have been modified. This event is only delivered to listeners which were added with a non-null filter where the filter matched the service properties prior to the modification but the filter does not match the modified service properties.

        See Also:
        ServiceRegistration.setProperties(Dictionary), Constant Field Values
    • Constructor Detail

      • ServiceEvent

        public ServiceEvent​(int type,
                            ServiceReference<?> reference)
        Creates a new service event object.
        type - The event type.
        reference - A ServiceReference object to the service that had a lifecycle change.
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      • getServiceReference

        public ServiceReference<?> getServiceReference()
        Returns a reference to the service that had a change occur in its lifecycle.

        This reference is the source of the event.

        Reference to the service that had a lifecycle change.