Interface PeriodParser

    • Method Detail

      • parseInto

        int parseInto​(ReadWritablePeriod period,
                      String periodStr,
                      int position,
                      Locale locale)
        Parses a period from the given text, at the given position, saving the result into the fields of the given ReadWritablePeriod. If the parse succeeds, the return value is the new text position. Note that the parse may succeed without fully reading the text.

        If it fails, the return value is negative, but the period may still be modified. To determine the position where the parse failed, apply the one's complement operator (~) on the return value.

        period - a period that will be modified
        periodStr - text to parse
        position - position to start parsing from
        locale - the locale to use for parsing
        new position, if negative, parse failed. Apply complement operator (~) to get position of failure
        IllegalArgumentException - if any field is out of range