Class XPathGenerator

  • public class XPathGenerator
    extends Object
    Generates an XPath String that points to a given position in an XML document
    • Constructor Detail

      • XPathGenerator

        public XPathGenerator()
    • Method Detail

      • generateXPath

        public static String generateXPath​(XmlCursor node,
                                           XmlCursor context,
                                           NamespaceContext nsctx)
                                    throws XPathGenerationException
        Generates an XPath pointing to the position in the document indicated by node.

        If the context parameter is null, the XPath is absolute, otherwise the XPath will be relative to the position indicated by context.

        Note: the cursor position for the node parameter is not preserved

        node - the position in the document that the generated path will point to
        context - the context node; the generated path will be relative to it if not null and if pointing to an element on the path from the document root to node
        nsctx - a namespace context that will be used to obtain prefixes; a (non-default) namespace mapping must be available for all required namespace URIs
        the generated path as a String
        XPathGenerationException - if the path could not be generated: the cursor is in a bad position (like over a comment) or no prefix mapping was found for one of the namespace URIs