Class HtmlResponse

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    public class HtmlResponse
    extends AbstractPostResponse
    The HtmlResponse is an AbstractPostResponse preparing the response in HTML (actually XHTML) such that it can be interpreted as a plain response in a browser or as XML response in an Ajax request.
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      • HtmlResponse

        public HtmlResponse()
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      • onChange

        public void onChange​(String type,
                             String... arguments)
        Records a generic change of the given type.

        The change is added to the internal list of changes with the syntax of a method call, where the type is the method name and the arguments are the string arguments to the method enclosed in double quotes. For example, the the call

         onChange("sameple", "arg1", "arg2");
        is aded as
         sample("arg1", "arg2")
        to the internal list of changes.
        type - The type of the modification
        arguments - The arguments to the modifications