Interface Distributor

  • @ProviderType
    public interface Distributor

    A distributor is responsible for dispatching DistributionRequests to distribution agents.

    The distribution agents are executing the requests by creating packages from a source Sling instance containing content for the specified paths and then pushing and installing these on a target instance.

    • Method Detail

      • distribute

        DistributionResponse distribute​(String agentName,
                                        ResourceResolver resourceResolver,
                                        DistributionRequest distributionRequest)
        Perform a DistributionRequest to distribute content from a source instance to a target instance. The content to be sent will be assembled according to the information contained in the request. A DistributionResponse holding the DistributionRequestState of the provided request will be returned. Synchronous distribution agents will usually block until the execution has finished while asynchronous agents will usually return the response as soon as the content to be distributed has been assembled and scheduled for distribution.
        agentName - the name of the agent used to distribute the request
        distributionRequest - the distribution request
        resourceResolver - the resource resolver used for authorizing the request,
        a DistributionResponse