Class CacheAreaEval

    • Constructor Detail

      • CacheAreaEval

        public CacheAreaEval​(AreaI ptg,
                             ValueEval[] values)
      • CacheAreaEval

        public CacheAreaEval​(int firstRow,
                             int firstColumn,
                             int lastRow,
                             int lastColumn,
                             ValueEval[] values)
    • Method Detail

      • getRelativeValue

        public ValueEval getRelativeValue​(int relativeRowIndex,
                                          int relativeColumnIndex)
        Specified by:
        getRelativeValue in interface AreaEval
        Specified by:
        getRelativeValue in class AreaEvalBase
        the ValueEval from within this area at the specified relativeRowIndex and relativeColumnIndex. Never null (possibly BlankEval). The specified indexes should relative to the top left corner of this area.
      • offset

        public AreaEval offset​(int relFirstRowIx,
                               int relLastRowIx,
                               int relFirstColIx,
                               int relLastColIx)
        Description copied from interface: AreaEval
        Creates an AreaEval offset by a relative amount from from the upper left cell of this area
      • getRow

        public TwoDEval getRow​(int rowIndex)
        rowIndex - relative row index (zero based)
        a single row TwoDEval
      • getColumn

        public TwoDEval getColumn​(int columnIndex)
        columnIndex - relative column index (zero based)
        a single column TwoDEval