Class HWPFLister

  • @Beta
    public final class HWPFLister
    extends Object
    Used by developers to list out key information on a HWPF file. End users will probably never need to use this program.
    • Method Detail

      • dumpChpx

        public void dumpChpx​(boolean withProperties,
                             boolean withSprms)
      • dumpFIB

        public void dumpFIB()
      • dumpPapx

        public void dumpPapx​(boolean withProperties,
                             boolean withSprms)
                      throws Exception
      • dumpParagraphs

        public void dumpParagraphs​(boolean dumpAssotiatedPapx)
      • dumpParagraphsDom

        public void dumpParagraphsDom​(boolean withText)
      • dumpTextPieces

        public void dumpTextPieces​(boolean withText)