Interface LoggerRepository

  • public interface LoggerRepository
    A LoggerRepository is used to create and retrieve Loggers. The relation between loggers in a repository depends on the repository but typically loggers are arranged in a named hierarchy.

    In addition to the creational methods, a LoggerRepository can be queried for existing loggers, can act as a point of registry for events related to loggers.

    • Method Detail

      • isDisabled

        boolean isDisabled​(int level)
        Returns whether this repository is disabled for a given level. The answer depends on the repository threshold and the level parameter. See also setThreshold(org.apache.log4j.Level) method.
      • setThreshold

        void setThreshold​(Level level)
        Set the repository-wide threshold. All logging requests below the threshold are immediately dropped. By default, the threshold is set to Level.ALL which has the lowest possible rank.
      • setThreshold

        void setThreshold​(String val)
        Another form of setThreshold(Level) accepting a string parameter instead of a Level.
      • emitNoAppenderWarning

        void emitNoAppenderWarning​(Category cat)
      • getRootLogger

        Logger getRootLogger()
      • shutdown

        void shutdown()
      • fireAddAppenderEvent

        void fireAddAppenderEvent​(Category logger,
                                  Appender appender)
      • resetConfiguration

        void resetConfiguration()