Interface NodeInfo

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    public interface NodeInfo
    extends ItemInfo
    The NodeInfo provides the basic information required to build nodes making up the repository hierarchy.

    Note however, that the list of child nodes does not form part of a NodeInfo. It is retrieved by calling RepositoryService.getChildInfos(SessionInfo, NodeId). In case of batch read the child nodes might be part of the returned Iterator.

    • Method Detail

      • getIndex

        int getIndex()
        Index of the node.
        the index.
      • getNodetype

        Name getNodetype()
        Name representing the name of the primary nodetype.
      • getMixins

        Name[] getMixins()
        Array of Names representing the names of mixin nodetypes. This includes only explicitly assigned mixin nodetypes. It does not include mixin types inherited through the addition of supertypes to the primary type hierarchy. If there are no mixin node types assigned an empty array will be returned.
      • getChildInfos

        Iterator<ChildInfo> getChildInfos()
        Return all ChildInfos of the node represent by this info, an empty iterator if that node doesn't have any child nodes or null if the implementation is not able or for some internal reasons not willing to compute the ChildInfo iterator. In the latter case the user of this API must call RepositoryService.getChildInfos(SessionInfo, NodeId) in order to determine the existence and identity of the child nodes.
        An iterator of ChildInfos or null if the implementation is not able or willing to compute the set of ChildInfos (e.g. an implementation may choose to return null if there is a huge amount of child nodes). In this case RepositoryService.getChildInfos(SessionInfo, NodeId) will be used to load the ChildInfos.