Class JsonProcessingException

    • Method Detail

      • clearLocation

        public void clearLocation()
        Method that allows to remove context information from this exception's message. Useful when you are parsing security-sensitive data and don't want original data excerpts to be present in Jackson parser error messages.
      • getOriginalMessage

        public String getOriginalMessage()
        Method that allows accessing the original "message" argument, without additional decorations (like location information) that overridden getMessage() adds.
      • getProcessor

        public Object getProcessor()
        Method that allows accessing underlying processor that triggered this exception; typically either JsonParser or JsonGenerator for exceptions that originate from streaming API. Note that it is possible that `null` may be returned if code throwing exception either has no access to processor; or has not been retrofitted to set it; this means that caller needs to take care to check for nulls. Subtypes override this method with co-variant return type, for more type-safe access.
        Originating processor, if available; null if not.
      • getMessage

        public String getMessage()
        Default method overridden so that we can add location information
        getMessage in class Throwable