Class JsonFactory

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    Versioned, Serializable
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    public class JsonFactory
    extends TokenStreamFactory
    implements Versioned, Serializable
    The main factory class of Jackson package, used to configure and construct reader (aka parser, JsonParser) and writer (aka generator, JsonGenerator) instances.

    Factory instances are thread-safe and reusable after configuration (if any). Typically applications and services use only a single globally shared factory instance, unless they need differently configured factories. Factory reuse is important if efficiency matters; most recycling of expensive construct is done on per-factory basis.

    Creation of a factory instance is a light-weight operation, and since there is no need for pluggable alternative implementations (as there is no "standard" JSON processor API to implement), the default constructor is used for constructing factory instances.

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      • JsonFactory

        public JsonFactory()
        Default constructor used to create factory instances. Creation of a factory instance is a light-weight operation, but it is still a good idea to reuse limited number of factory instances (and quite often just a single instance): factories are used as context for storing some reused processing objects (such as symbol tables parsers use) and this reuse only works within context of a single factory instance.