Class PsdHeaderDescriptor

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      • getDescription

        public String getDescription​(int tagType)
        Description copied from class: TagDescriptor
        Returns a descriptive value of the specified tag for this image. Where possible, known values will be substituted here in place of the raw tokens actually kept in the metadata segment. If no substitution is available, the value provided by getString(tagType) will be returned.
        getDescription in class TagDescriptor<PsdHeaderDirectory>
        tagType - the tag to find a description for
        a description of the image's value for the specified tag, or null if the tag hasn't been defined.
      • getChannelCountDescription

        public String getChannelCountDescription()
      • getBitsPerChannelDescription

        public String getBitsPerChannelDescription()
      • getColorModeDescription

        public String getColorModeDescription()
      • getImageHeightDescription

        public String getImageHeightDescription()
      • getImageWidthDescription

        public String getImageWidthDescription()