Interface PageNameValidatorService

  • public interface PageNameValidatorService
    The PageNameValidatorService handles the validation and creation of valid jcr name out of any given arbitrary string.
    • Method Detail

      • createValidName

        String createValidName​(String name,
                               Locale locale,
                               String defaultReplacementCharacter)
        Create a valid label out of an arbitrary string with a custom character mapping.
        name - name to be converted to valid form
        locale - the locale whose conversion rules are to be used
        defaultReplacementCharacter - the default character to use for characters not mapped in the service table
        a valid label string
      • isValidName

        boolean isValidName​(String name)
        Checks if the name is not empty and contains only valid jcr chars.
        name - the name to check
        true if the name is valid