Class DataNodeScript

  • public class DataNodeScript
    extends ElementScript
    This class contains all the script functionality associated with the DataNode class. Broken out into a separate class for easier maintainability.
    • Constructor Detail

      • DataNodeScript

        public DataNodeScript()
    • Method Detail

      • getScriptTable

        public static ScriptTable getScriptTable()
      • getContains

        public static void getContains​(Obj pObj,
                                       Arg oRetVal)
      • getContentType

        public static void getContentType​(Obj pObj,
                                          Arg oRetVal)
      • getIsNull

        public static void getIsNull​(Obj pObj,
                                     Arg oRetVal)
      • getValue

        public static void getValue​(Obj pObj,
                                    Arg oRetVal)
      • setContains

        public static void setContains​(Obj pObj,
                                       Arg propertyValue)
      • setContentType

        public static void setContentType​(Obj pObj,
                                          Arg propertyValue)
      • setIsNull

        public static void setIsNull​(Obj pObj,
                                     Arg propertyValue)
      • setValue

        public static void setValue​(Obj pObj,
                                    Arg propertyValue)
      • scriptPropResolveAssociation

        public static boolean scriptPropResolveAssociation​(Obj obj,
                                                           Arg retVal,
                                                           String aAssociationName)