Class DataLayerBuilder

  • public final class DataLayerBuilder
    extends Object
    Data layer builder utility. This utility is designed to help build valid data models for integration with Adobe Client Data Layer.
    • Method Detail

      • forAsset

        public static AssetDataBuilder forAsset​(@NotNull
                                                @NotNull Asset asset)
        Get an AssetDataBuilder with standard asset data. This builder is suitable for most DAM Assets and pre-populates all required fields from the asset metadata.
        asset - The asset used to initialize the AssetDataBuilder.
        A new AssetDataBuilder pre-initialized using the DAM asset metadata.
      • extending

        public static AssetDataBuilder extending​(@NotNull
                                                 @NotNull AssetData assetData)
        Get a AssetDataBuilder that extends existing asset data.
        assetData - The asset data to extend.
        A new AssetDataBuilder pre-initialized with the existing asset data.
      • extending

        public static ComponentDataLayerExtender extending​(@NotNull
                                                           @NotNull ComponentData componentData)
        Extend an existing component data layer model.
        componentData - The component data to extend.
        The component data layer extender.