Open Source at Adobe.

Let’s build something great together

At Adobe, we rely on so many open source software projects to build our own products, it would be hard to count them all. We also steward a number of projects that were either born in the open or that we released as open source.

Being active in the open source community benefits Adobe and the community in many ways: we get opportunities to work with partners on creating interoperable solutions and developers from around the world get to collaboratively customize solutions to solve their specific problems.

Open Standards

Adobe's standards like XMPPDFXDM and Adobe's contributions to open standards like SVG or OpenType ensure interoperability across platforms.

Open Source

With more than 260 Open Source projects such as PhoneGap and Brackets, Adobe contributes every day.

Apache Software Foundation

Our teams contribute to a number of Open Source technologies and communities that are core to our success. We are very active in contributing to projects like Apache OpenWhiskApache FelixApache OakApache Aries and Apache Jackrabbit. Additionally, some projects within Apache started as donations from Adobe, such as Apache Flex and Apache Cordova.

Launch by Adobe

Launch by Adobe

Launch by Adobe is our next-gen Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) solution which allows developers to collect custom data about their users and aggregate it across various digital marketing tools. Through Extensions and open APIs you can deploy and manage whatever you need.



Brackets is a lightweight, open source web editor founded in 2011. Brackets has been open-source from its very first days, making it the first 100% open-source project started at Adobe. Read more.

Source Code Pro

Source Code Pro

Source Sans Pro is a set of OpenType fonts that have been designed to work well in user interface (UI) environments. 

More than 260 projects

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