Authentication and Authorization Workflows for Your Applications

Whether you want to customize and extend on the Adobe products your team is using or you want to build an application that helps Adobe users do more, this is the place to learn how to integrate with Adobe API Services and request authorization for Adobe users. We provide documentation for our authentication mechanisms, authorization workflows, and OAuth scopes, as well as libraries and tooling to help you get started.

JWT Quickstart

API services tied to entitled Adobe products (e.g. Campaign, Target, etc.) require a JSON Web Token (JWT) in order to retrieve access tokens for usage against authenticated endpoints. This document serves as a quickstart guide for first-time users.

OAuth 2.0 Guide

Adobe Cloud Platform APIs use the OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization. Using Adobe OAuth 2.0, you can generate an access token which is used to make API calls from your web server or browser-based apps.

OAuth 2.0 Playground

Get a token using the playground tool for testing the authentication process.

Coming Soon...

Come back to find more documentation, libraries, and tools to help you get started. For feedback, pleaseĀ email us.