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Code Labs

Code Labs provide guided hands-on coding experiences to build awesome apps on top of Project Firefly.

Tech tutorials#

Spectrum Introduction#

Start (20mins)

Introduction to Spectrum to build a Firefly App UI.

Consume Events Using Journaling API#

Start (30mins)

Creating cron jobs in a Firefly application to consume events using Journaling API.

Event-Driven Firefly Apps#

Start (25mins)

Introduction to applying Custom I/O Events in event-driven use cases of Firefly applications.

Events Using Runtime Actions as Webhook#

Start (30mins)

How to consume I/O Events using I/O Runtime actions as webhook.

CI/CD in Firefly Apps#

Start (15mins)

Setting up CI/CD for a Firefly App using GitHub Actions.

Debugging Firefly Apps#

Start (25mins)

The basic steps of debugging a Firefly App.

Scheduling Cron Jobs#

Start (20mins)

Creating cron jobs in a Firefly app using OpenWhisk Alarms Package.

App tutorials#

Firefly Headless App#

Start (30mins)

Creating a Headless App using Project Firefly to render a barcode with dynamic data.

Asset Compute with Photoshop APIs#

Start (40mins)

Building asset compute workers leveraging Photoshop APIs to generate custom renditions in AEM.

Building a Firefly Todo App#

Start (30mins)

How to build a Todo App with Project Firefly using aio-lib-state as storage library and React Spectrum components.

Customer Profiles Dashboard#

Start (1h)

Creating a dashboard of customer profiles from Adobe Campaign Standard using Project Firefly.

Custom Asset Compute Worker#

Start (20mins)

Building a Custom Asset Compute Worker leveraging 3rd-party services to generate intelligent renditions in AEM.

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