Passing a User Profile

This lets you use Test&Target to target content based on segmentation data from analytics vendors, as long as you know the T&T ID for the user to which the passed-in data belongs.

  • Create the URL. For example:​&mboxPC=XXX&​&profile.Name=value&version=1

    Parameters and values are case sensitive.

    Parameter Description

    (Required) A valid T&T client code.


    (Required) The mbox name.


    (Required) The T&T profile ID of the user associated with the passed-in segment data.


    (Optional) The mbox host. The default value is


    (Optional) A list of name/value pairs to pass into the mbox for targeting content.


    (Optional) A list of name/value pairs with the names prefixed with "profile.", which signals T&T to store the name/value pair in the user profile.


    Specify which version of the API you want to use. Set this to version=1 unless there is a different version described in the documentation.

  • Inspect the query reponse.

    The query response uses the following XML structure:

    true 124252

    Tag Description

    Indicates the success of failure of the query.

    true: success

    false: failure.


    The user's unique identifier. Shown only when success = true.