The Download API lets you download recommendations information to a comma-separated values (.csv) file where you can view them off-line in a spreadsheet, or with a text editor.

The Recommendations Download API uses a REST interface.

The .csv file includes a list of all recommendations for each product key. When using the Recommendations Download API, consider the following:

  • Each Recommendations download sends all Recommendations data, not just the data changes (Deltas) since the last download.
  • The Algorithm server updates the recommendations every two to six hours. Download results reflect these changes immediately.
  • The Download API is available anytime, except during regularly scheduled maintenance windows, which start each Thursday at 8:00 PM U.S. Pacific Time.

To use the Recommendations Download API, simply create the download URL. For example:
Parameter Description

(Required) Identifies the type of Recommendations action to execute. To download Recommendations data, this value is always downloadRecommendations.


(Required) The Recommendations ID, which is visible by looking at the URL on the Recommendations' Edit page (id=XXX). Do NOT use the groupId value in the URL. If you provide an invalid client key or recommendation ID, the error "Client key or recommendation id invalid" is returned.


(Required) the API token, which is available on the Recommendations' Settings page.


(Required) The client code, which is displayed on the Recommendations' Settings page.

Parameters and values are case sensitive.