Upload Custom Algorithm Data

After creating a custom algorithm name (see Create a Custom Algorithm), upload a list of the recommended items to display for a specific key item when you use that custom algorithm. For example:

Parameter Description

(Required) The domain for the Recommendations environment you are currently using.


(Required) Identifies the Recommendations action to execute. To upload a custom algorithm name, this value is always entity.recommendation.upload.


(Required) The client code, which is displayed on the Recommendations' Settings page.


(Required) The client token, which is displayed on the Recommendations' Settings page.


(Required) The custom algorithm name, as previously defined (see Create a Custom Algorithm).


(Required) The XML-based recommendation definition. For example:




The XML must include a separate <recommendation> tag for each key, specified by the <key> tag. Each <entityId> tag includes a recommended item for the specified key.

Parameters and values are case sensitive.