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Widget Offer Creation

Create the URL

A widget offer is a URL that corresponds to a T&T fetched response from a third-party server. T&T caches a response associated with each offerID parameter, which serves as a key.

For each operation add the parameters and values necessary to set the state of the T&T campaign. For example:​




(Optional) The T&T client code.


(Required) The Email address associated with the T&T user performing the operation.


(Required) The T&T password associated with the specified email address.


(Required) Identifies the type of T&T action to execute. To change a T&T campaign state, this value is always saveWidgetOffer.


(Required) The name of the widget offer, which is displayed in the admin interface Offer list.


(Required)The encoded URL of the third-party server that hosts the dynamically generated response. T&T calls this URL and caches the resulting response.


(Required) The third-party ID of the widget offer.


Specify which version of the API you want to use. Set this to version=1 unless there is a different version described in the documentation.

Parameters and values are case sensitive.

Inspect the Query Response

On a successful widget offer creation, T&T returns an XML response that contains the specified third-party ID. For example:


If the operation fails, T&T returns an XML response that contains an error message. For example:

Parameter 'id' should not be blank. 400