Landing Page Tool

This lets you simplify the campaign configuration process for the T&T user (the marketer). For example, you can pre-define the URL parameters that trigger a campaign.

When using the Landing Page Tool API, all parameters must be URL-encoded.

Use the following URL for the Landing Page Tool, substituting the appropriate value for each of the URL parameters:



(Required) The type of edit page interface. Supported values include the following:

admin: Use an edit classic interface.

simple: Use a new edit interface.


(Optional) The T&T campaign name.


(Optional) A third-party ID to associate with the campaign. For more information, see the Third-Party Campaign ID API.


(Optional) The targeting expression, which takes one of the following forms:

page.param('paramName').indexOf('paramValue') >= 0

page.referrer.param('paramName').indexOf('paramValue') >= 0


(Optional) The URL of the campaign landing page. Consider the following when designating a landing page:

  • The URL can be either HTTP or HTTPS.
  • The landing page should have an mbox.js include on the page, and at least one mbox.
  • Customers should have a T&T account.


(Optional) The URL of a page to return to if there are problems. If this parameter is unspecified, the Web browser closes if there is a problem.


(Optional) Text to display in a breadcrumb link. The Landing Page Tool uses the returnLink URL as the breadcrumb link URL.


(Optional) A comma-separated list of recipe names. If this parameter is unspecified, the Landing Page Tool defaults to Recipe A.


(Optional) A comma-separated list of mbox names. For example: Product Page, Category Page, Footer.


(Optional) The name of the Conversion mbox. If this parameter is unspecified, the Landing Page Tool defaults to conversion.


(Optional) The campaign priority used by Test&Target to determine which campaign takes precedence. Supported values include the following:

0: Low priority

1: Medium priority

2: High priority


(Optional) A descriptive campaign label. A descriptive label makes it easier to filter the campaign list.


Specify which version of the API you want to use. Set this to version=1 unless there is a different version described in the documentation.