Get Host Groups

The Get Host Groups API returns the list of host groups.

In T&T, host groups are used to separate reporting and data collection to match production, staging, dev environments, or to separate based on GEOs or similar values.

Create the URL

For each operation add the parameters and values necessary to get host groups in a T&T campaign. For example, use the following URL, substituting the appropriate value for each of the URL parameters:​&password=pword&operation=getHostGroups&version=1




(Required) The T&T client code.


(Required) The Email address associated with the T&T user performing the operation.


(Required) The T&T password associated with the specified email address.


(Required) Identifies the type of T&T action to execute. To get host groups, this value is always getHostGroups.


Specify which version of the API you want to use. Set this to version=1 unless there is a different version described in the documentation.

Parameters and values are case sensitive.  

Inspect the Query Response

A response of 200 indicates a successful operation. T&T also returns the following information about each group:  

  <hostGroup id="#" name="name" isDefault"true|false" isDefaultReporting="true|false" timeOffsetDays="#"/>
  • isDefault: identifies which host group accepts new hosts automatically.
  • isDefaultReporting: identifies which host group defaults as the primary host group to see reports.
  • timeOffsetDays: indicates if the host group is set off from the current date, as described here:


<hostGroup id="581" name="Production" isDefault="true" isDefaultReporting="true" timeOffsetDays="0"/>
<hostGroup id="582" name="Staging" isDefault="false" isDefaultReporting="false" timeOffsetDays="0"/>
<hostGroup id="583" name="Development" isDefault="false" isDefaultReporting="false" timeOffsetDays="0"/>