Adobe  I/O Authentication for API Access

Authentication for API Access

To maintain the security of your applications and users, all requests to Adobe I/O APIs must be authenticated and authorized using standards such as OAuth and JSON Web Tokens (JWT). Before you can access the Adobe Target API, you will need to obtain access credentials by creating a new Integration in the Adobe I/O Console.

For complete information about creating integrations, see the Adobe I/O API Authentication Guide.

The following table shows the type of integration required to access Adobe Target's APIs in each of the four groups (described in the 'Getting Started' section):

Target API Group Integration Type
Admin API Service Account
Reporting API Service Account
Server Side Delivery API API Key
Profile API Bulk update operations require Service Account authentication. Other operations can use just the API Key. See the "Profiles" section under "Reference" for more details.
  • Service Account Authentication

    This is the type of integration required for access to the Admin or Reporting APIs. Service Accounts are similar to user accounts, but they are unique to your application and have additional security requirements. Application and organization-based services, such as Adobe Target, Adobe Launch, and Document Cloud PDF Services, can only be added to a Service Account integration.

    To obtain access tokens for your integration, you must first create a JSON Web Token (JWT) that encapsulates your client credentials. For each API session, you will exchange your JWT for an access token from Adobe IMS. This token identifies your integration and grants access to the services you have configured.

    To create an integration of this type, sign in to the Adobe I/O Console with your Enterprise ID. Your Enterprise ID must have administrative privileges for your organization to be able to create a new Service Account integration. If you do not have the required permissions, contact an IT Administrator at your company for help. This is typically the person who distributes Creative Cloud, Acrobat or Marketing Cloud licenses within your company.

    For more information, see Service Account Authentication.

  • API Key Integration

    Server Side Delivery APIs and some Profile APIs can be accessed by any application that simply specifies an API Key (Client ID). Additional client credentials, such as the Client Secret, are not required.