Manage Users and Product Entitlements, the API Way.

User Management API

The Adobe User Management REST API gives you programmatic access to users, groups, and entitlements for Adobe products and services.

With the Adobe User Management API, Enterprise customers can automatically provision users, synchronize user directories, and grant and remove access to Adobe products from a central management application.

Adobe Admin Console

The User Management API provides programmatic access to the Adobe Admin Console, enabling enterprise organizations to automate user account creation and managing product assignments.

User Sync Tool

Adobe provides a no-coding solution, the User Sync Tool, enabling enterprise organizations to manage your Adobe user base and Adobe product access via Active Directory or openLDAP.

User Sync Tool by Adobe on Github

Access Adobe's open source User synchronization tool for openLDAP and Active Directory on GitHub.  Releases for Windows, Mac, and popular Linux platforms are available for installation.

User Management Python client

Python developers can get up and running with their integration using our open source User Managment python client.

Read the User Management API Documentation