Experience Data Model (XDM) System

Adobe Cloud Platform - Data Services - Overview

XDM System overview

Adobe Experience Platform uses schema-based workflows to support the interoperability and standardization of data across Platform components such as Catalog, Real-time Customer Profile, Query Service, and Data Science Workspace.

Basics of schema composition

An introduction to schemas and the building blocks, principles, and best practices for composing schemas to be used with Adobe Experience Platform.

Schema Registry developer guide

The Schema Registry provides a RESTful API to perform operations against all Schema Library resources within Experience Platform.

Create a schema using the Schema Registry API

Follow step-by-step instructions to compose a schema using the Schema Registry API, including assigning a class and defining a new mixin.

Create a schema using the Schema Editor

Learn how to compose a schema and interact with the Schema Registry using the Schema Editor in Experience Platform.

Define a relationship between two schemas

Follow step-by-step instructions for defining a one-to-one relationship between two schemas using the Schema Registry API.

XDM System troubleshooting guide

Find answers to frequently asked questions about XDM System, including troubleshooting for common errors.

XDM field dictionary

Experience Data Model (XDM) defines a set of resources with specific definitions and consistent behaviors to support standardization across Adobe Experience Platform.