Query Service

Query Service overview

Adobe Experience Platform Query Service gives you the ability to use standard SQL to query data in Adobe Experience Platform, supporting many different use cases. It is a serverless tool that allows you to join any datasets in Experience Data Lake and capture the query results as a new dataset for use in reporting, Data Science Workspace, or for ingestion into Profile Service.

Quickstart guide

Use this quickstart guide to get up-and-running with Adobe Experience Platform Query Service.

Query Service developer guide

Follow step-by-step instructions for performing various operations using the Query Service API.

UI guide & creating queries

Learn more about creating queries and how to use the Query Service user interface for querying datasets within Experience Platform.

SQL reference

Query Service provides the ability to use standard ANSI SQL for SELECT statements and other limited commmands.

Sample queries & troubleshooting

See sample queries available in Query Service as well as support for troubleshooting common problems and answers to frequently asked questions.

Connecting to Query Service

This documentation explains how to connect to Query Service from a variety of desktop client applications, and how to verify those connections.