Mobile Data & Experience Validation Made Easy.

Project Griffon

Easily connect with your app to inspect, validate, and debug data collection and experiences for your mobile app. Project Griffon is a new, innovative product from Adobe Experience Platform. Made for app product managers and developers, this product will do the heavy lifting of getting your app implementation right, while you can focus on creating engaging experiences.

Project Griffon will be released shortly as an initial beta release — stay tuned for more exciting features coming soon.

Effortless Implementation 

Get started in a hurry with a few lines of code. Project Griffon works alongside the Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDK to help you inspect and validate app events, logs, device information, and more.

Seamless Connection

Built with cutting-edge technology, Project Griffon avoids the need for network proxies, MiTM, and other network gymnastics. Connecting your app to the interface can be as simple as just scanning a QR code.

Instant Validation

After you connect, easily inspect live-streamed app events and activity. Filter & search to eliminate noise. Events contain rich detail to validate, debug, and troubleshoot your mobile app implementation.

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