Privacy Service overview

Privacy Service provides a RESTful API and user interface that can help automate your digital experience applications to provide access and delete capabilities for consumer requests as delineated by privacy regulations.

Privacy Service API tutorial

Learn how to make requests to access and delete personal data using the Privacy Service API.

Privacy Service UI tutorial

Learn how to create and manage GDPR jobs using the Privacy Service user interface.

Subscribe to Privacy Events

Learn how to configure Privacy Events to automate job status tracking.

GDPR in Adobe Experience Cloud

Privacy Service provides a RESTful API and user interface that allow you to make data access and delete requests that comply with privacy regulations.

GDPR Positioning

Adobe's role as Data Processor in providing tools for Data Controllers.


Get answers to frequently asked questions about GDPR in Adobe Experience Cloud.

GDPR: Gathering Your IDs

Each device and entity tracked by Experience Cloud is marked by an identity key. Find out how to identify those unique IDs.


This information helps you retrieve locally stored, SDK identities from your Android or iOS apps for GDPR data access requests.

GDPR Cautions

Important concepts to keep in mind when coding against the Privacy Service API.

GDPR and Experience Cloud Solutions

Learn how to get GDPR-ready with your Experience Cloud Solutions: How to label data and configure your Experience Cloud Solutions for GDPR request processing through GDPR API or natively.

GDPR Terminology

GDPR Glossary of Terms related to the GDPR regulation and Adobe's role as Data Processor.