Adobe Analytics and Slack

Access to data throughout the enterprise is more important than ever. AskAdobe uses the Adobe Analytics APIs to provide your team with access to key data directly within Slack through simple queries directly in your channels.


  • Write custom queries to answer ad-hoc data questions with automated responses and graphing
  • Automatically catch data anomalies in your Slack channels as soon as they occur
  • Get summary metrics as well as breakdowns against any of your dimensions
  • Create new Adobe Analytics users and assign them to user groups
  • Audit your implementation and setup
  • Control who can enter queries and which Slack users can manage and create Adobe Analytics users



  • Set Current Report Suite:* /askadobe change report suite to {REPORT SUITE ID}
  • Get the Current Report Suite:* /askadobe get current report suite
  • Get List of Available Report Suites:* /askadobe list report suites


  • {METRIC} {TIMEFRAME} e.g. /askadobe event1 last month
  • Query with Dimension by variable Id or Name
  • {METRIC} by {VARIABLE} {TIMEFRAME} e.g. /askadobe event5 by evar9 yesterday


*Query using a custom date*

{METRIC} for {YYYY-MM-DD} e.g. /askadobe page views for 2017-02-01


*Query using a custom date range*

{METRIC} by {VARIABLE} for {YYYY-MM-DD} to {YYYY-MM-DD} e.g. /askadobe visits by form starts for 2017-01-01 to 2017-01-31


*Valid Timeframes*



Last 7 Days

Last 30 Days

Last 60 Days

This Week

Last Week

Last 2 Weeks

Last 3 Weeks

Last 4 weeks

Last 53 weeks

This month

Last month

Last 2 months

Last 3 months

Last 6 months

Last 12 months

Last 13 months

This year

Last year



*Get a Variable by Id:* /askadobe get {VARIABLE_TYPE} by id {ID} e.g. /askadobe get event by id event7

*Get a Variable by Name:* /askadobe get {VARIABLE_TYPE} by name {NAME} e.g. /askadobe get evar by name internal campaign



*Execute Query Based on Variable Type, Property, and Value:* /askadobe get all {VARIABLE_TYPE} WHERE {PROPERTY} {EQUALS|CONTAINS} {VALUE}

*EXAMPLE: Query for Events Where Name Contains Revenue:* /askadobe get all events where name contains revenue

*EXAMPLE: Query for Evars Where the Expiration is a  Week:* /askadobe get all evars where expiration_type equals week



*Return a list of valid user groups* e.g. /askadobe list user groups

*Add existing user to a user group* e.g. /askadobe update user {USERNAME} add to group {GROUP NAME}

*Create new user* e.g. /askadobe create new user fname={FirstName} lname={LastName} username={Username} password={Temporary Password} email={Email Address}

APIs used

  • Adobe Analytics API
  • Slack API

Try it yourself

This Adobe Analytics Slack integration is fully hosted and available for installation on all Slack teams.

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