Getting the signing URL becomes useful for scenarios involving in-person signing. Load the signing URL in a browser window on a mobile device and get the agreement signed in-person.

To get the signing URL of an agreement, use AgreementsApi.getSigningUrl() method as follows:

//Populate the headers
//Note that MultivaluedMap is part of package
//Note that MultivaluedMapImpl is part of com.sun.jersey.core.util package
MultivaluedMap headers = new MultivaluedMapImpl();  
String ACCESS_TOKEN_KEY= "Access-Token";  
String X_API_USER_KEY = "x-api-user";   
headers.put(ACCESS_TOKEN_KEY, "hajUhhsNottheRealTokenjKh");    
headers.put(X_API_USER_KEY, "");

//Make the API call to create an Agreement      
String agreementID = "ghjYAgreementIDjkk";
SigningUrlResponse signingUrlResponse = agreementsApi.getSigningUrl(headers, agreementID);

//Get the signing URLs
ArrayList signingURLs = signingUrlResponse.getSigningUrlSetInfos();

//Print the signing URLs
for(int i=0;i<signingURLs.size();i++){
    System.out.println("URL: "+signingURL.get(i);