Once an agreement is signed, your application can retrieve the signed copy of the all associated documents and store them locally.

Before you begin, ensure that you have included the appropriate JavaScript files as shown below:

<script src="js/adobe-sign-sdk.js"></script>
<script src="vendor/superagent.min.js"></script>
<script src="vendor/validator.min.js"></script>
//Get the context
var context = new AdobeSignSdk.Context();

//Know the Agreement ID        
var agreementId = "3AAABLblqNOTHEREALAGREEMENTID2nbK9W5PKAoWm";        

//Initialize the Agreements API       
var agreementsApi = new AdobeSignSdk.AgreementsApi(context);        
var agreementsModel = AdobeSignSdk.AgreementsModel;        

var headerParams = {"accessToken": "3AAABLblqZhNOTTHEREALTOKENK1ps2CC"};        

//Get all the documents for the agreement        
agreementsApi.getAllDocuments(headerParams, agreementId, null,  null,  null)                
             .then(function (agreementDocuments) {                    
                    var agreementDocumentsList = agreementDocuments.getDocuments();                    
                    var promises = [];                    

                    for (var i = 0; i < agreementDocumentsList.length; i++) {                        
                        var document = agreementDocumentsList[i];  
                        //Download all the documents of the given agreement                        
                        promises.push(AgreementUtils.downloadDocuments(agreementId, document.getDocumentId())                                
                                .then(function (docStream) {                                    
                                        //Generate a running file name for storing locally.                                    
                                        var fileName = document.getName() + "_" + + ".pdf";                                    
                                        var agreementDocumentsFolderPath = path.join(ApiUtils.getOutputFolderPath(), Constants.AGREEMENT_DOCUMENT);                                    
                                        //Save the documents to file.
                                        if (docStream != null) {                                        
                                            //SAVE TO FILE                                                                                
             .catch(function (apiError) {