A signing reminder can be sent to all the pending signers if they have not signed the agreement. When you send a reminder, the signers will get the same notification email that was originally sent.

You can send reminders to all the active participants of an agreement, if any of them is taking too long to sign:

//Set the context        
var context = new AdobeSignSdk.Context();        

//Initialize the Agreements API        
var agreementsApi = new AdobeSignSdk.AgreementsApi(context);        
var agreementsModel = AdobeSignSdk.AgreementsModel;        

var headerParams = {"accessToken": "3AAANOTTHEREALTOKENpd"};        

//Invoke the API
             .then(function (userAgreements) { 
                    var userAgreementList = userAgreements.getUserAgreementList();  
                    var promises = [];  
                    for (var i = 0; i < userAgreementList.length; i++) { 
                        var userAgreement = userAgreementList[i];

                        if (userAgreement.getName() === "MyAgreement" && userAgreement.getStatus() === (agreementsModel.UserAgreement.StatusEnum.OUT_FOR_SIGNATURE)) {
                            //Send reminders for all the agreements which are out for signature.
                            //It is a good practice to use the utils class of the SDK 
             .catch(function (apiError) {