API & Samples

The Document Cloud API software development kit includes sample applications demonstrating typical client application use cases. Each sample presents a unique use case or environment. Samples help you a jump start your custom applications and provide a reference implementation with working examples of the Document Cloud API.

The SDK's samples use APIs to send requests to Document Cloud services. Each sample is fully operational and includes all the necessary components for utilizing the Create PDF, Export PDF or HTML to PDF service. See samples overview page for more information about samples and specific details about different samples.

In general, the workflow for accessing a Document Cloud service includes the following:

  • Authentication - Sending the service credentials to Adobe for authentication
  • Discovery - Calling the Discovery API to obtain the URLs and schemas for all available service requests and responses
  • Upload - Sending file(s) to Document Cloud
  • Service Request - Calling the appropriate API with the necessary parameters to perform the desired tasks on uploaded files. Only Create PDF, Export PDF and HTML to PDF are currently available.
  • Download - Sending files generated during the service request from Document Cloud to the client.

For details about the API please see API documentation.

In addition to the Document Cloud API calls themselves, each client also handles authentication to Adobe’s Identity Management Service (IMS). You should obtain your own application credentials in order for your application to authenticate correctly. Please contact Document Cloud API Support team to request a unique client ID and secret, and use those values in your sample's configuration file.