Use our PDF Tools API for creating, combining,
exporting PDFs and more

With SDKs for popular languages such as Node.js, Java, and .NET

Converting a word document into a secure pdf

Create, secure, and export PDF documents

Create a PDF from Microsoft Office documents, protect the content, and export to other formats

PDF APIs converting and optimizing pdfs

Modify PDFs and optimize output

Programmatically alter a document, such as reordering, inserting, and rotating pages, as well as compressing the file

Cloud-based API

Leverage Adobe's cloud-based services

Access the same cloud-based APIs that power Adobe's end user applications to quickly deliver scalable, secure solutions

Key Features of Our PDF Tools API

  • Create

    Create a PDF File

    Create PDFs from a variety of formats, including static and dynamic HTML; Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel; as well as text, image, and, Zip

    See Documentation
  • Export


    Convert existing PDFs to popular formats, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as text and image

    See Documentation
  • OCR


    Use built-in optical character recognition (OCR) to convert images to text and enable document searching

    See Documentation
  • Protect


    Set and enforce passwords for opening and viewing PDFs

    See Documentation
  • Combine


    Combine two or more documents into a single PDF

    See Documentation
  • Compress


    Reduce the size of PDFs while determining the quality of images and graphics

    See sample code
  • Reorder


    Reorder the pages of an existing document

    See Documentation
  • Linearize


    Optimize PDFs for quick viewing on the web, especially for mobile clients

    See Documentation
  • Insert


    Insert one or more pages into an existing document

    See Documentation
  • Replace


    Replace one or more pages with another page

    See Documentation
  • Delete


    Delete one or more pages from a document

    See Documentation
  • Rotate


    Rotate a page in an existing document

    See Documentation

Get Started in Minutes

  1. Obtain credentials

    Get started

  2. Download ready to run samples for Node.js, Java, and .NET

    Node.js Java .Net

  3. Add credentials to your code and run!

    See documentation

Use Cases for PDF Tools API

Document Management

Programmatically manage document workflows through high performance, cloud-based APIs:
  • Create PDF documents from dynamic or static html content, such as web forms, charts
  • Secure PDF documents in the embedded PDF viewer and disable printing, downloading, and document manipulation
Common use cases: Manufacturing operations, government workflows

Business Process Automation

Eliminate manual processes with automated workflows through powerful PDF APIs:
  • Automate document workflows through programmatic creation and manipulation of PDF files from digital assets
  • Streamline sharing of attachments and consumption of PDF documents for fast web viewing
Common use cases: Retail sales and invoicing, eLearning systems

Learn about our PDF Embed API to embed high-fidelity PDFs and control appearance, enable collaboration, and see analytics

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