Use our free JavaScript API to embed high-fidelity PDFs

Control appearance, enable collaboration, and see analytics Try the demo

Try the demo

Accurate, consistent PDF rendering

Whether on dynamic or static pages, deliver the highest quality PDF rendering available

Customizable user experience

Choose exactly how to display a PDF and use the callbacks and annotations APIs to provide programmatic control and enable digital collaboration

Analytics on PDF usage

Use analytics to understand how users interact with PDFs, including time spent on a page and searches

Key Features of Our PDF Embed API

  • Embed Modes

    Embed Modes

    Control how you embed PDFs, with support for full-sized windows, sized containers, in-line display, and lightboxes

    See documentation
  • Annotations


    Full support for import, create, delete, update, exporting of comments, and more; programmatically add, update, and delete annotations with the option to save; events can be triggered based on user actions

    See documentation
  • PDF Analytics

    PDF Analytics

    Easily integrate Adobe Analytics with only a few steps, or leverage the user events to push data to other analytics tools

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  • Collaborative Settings

    Collaborative Settings

    For multi-user document collaboration, identify reviewers by name or email address and save annotation settings through custom callbacks (default settings display GUEST as the reviewer name for all comments)

    See documentation
  • Save Controls

    Save Controls

    Support auto-save to local drives or external storage, with options for frequency and polling, along with success/fail events capture; use file modification and status polling events for multi-user workflows

    See documentation
  • Menu & Tool Options

    Menu & Tool Options

    Programmatically enable or disable the left-hand panel, comments pane, toolbars, print, and download options

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Get Started in Minutes

  1. Obtain credentials

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  2. Copy JavaScript code or download samples for React and Angular

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  3. Add credentials to your code and run!

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Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager customers can easily drag and drop a high-fidelity PDF viewer directly into web applications without the need for additional code or customizations. Includes pre-configurable settings for comments, printing, downloading, and integrated Adobe Analytics.

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Adobe Analytics

Out of the box Adobe Analytics integration allows customers to seamlessly enable rich analytics and gain insights on end user experience. Extend functionality with chatbots or calls to action based on user interactions.

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Use Cases for PDF Embed API

Document Collaboration

Create compelling work-at-home experiences with PDF Embed API:
  • Enable real-time team collaboration using comments, highlighting, and drawing tools
  • Analyze usage statistics to gain insights into document consumption and interaction patterns
Common use cases: Insurance workflows, publishing applications, marketing asset approvals

Document Viewing

Use PDF Embed API for a rich end user document viewing experience:
  • Provide consistent, embedded PDF viewing with analytics for custom reports, documents of record, and forms
  • Integrate callbacks to provide event driven chats with helpful tips, information links, and context-specific details
Common use cases: Financial reports, real estate and legal transactions

Learn about our PDF Tools API for programmatic document manipulation

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