Visual search entry point

Visual search is a powerful tool for finding typefaces, and people have to start somewhere.

People don’t often know the names of the specific typefaces they seek, and don’t always know how to describe them. Browsing for fonts, even with the ability to filter through the selection, can be arduous. Allow people to use images of letters to find typefaces that are visually similar.


Allow people to act on an image, to search for typefaces that are visually similar to the letters they see in that image.

Visual search input ideas: camera button, drag & drop, search field w/ camera icon

How someone acts on an image depends on your application’s context. Maybe you expect a person to have image files available to upload. Or maybe you expect them to have a camera ready to capture something they see in the physical world. In whatever way makes the most sense for your context, offer people the ability to get started with a visual search.

Example of a visual search region, a coordinate-defined area of an image

The visual_search endpoint accepts an image file, as well as optional coordinate values that ensure quality input. See also: visual search coordinates, visual search region detection.