People need to see details about a typeface if they're going to make an informed choice.

Very little information fits on a family card, in a font menu, or in any other place that serves as an inventory of many typefaces. As people browse fonts, they will get a general idea of whether a type family is interesting — and then, they’ll want details. They’ll have questions like: What do its variations look like? What does its foundry have to say about this family? Where can I find more information?


Provide a view where people can study the details of a specific type family, and take action.

Sketch of family detail view mockup

Prominently display each variation of a type family, and label each with its name. Use the family name itself as a heading for this view.

For each variation, offer a button to take action. The text and label of this button will vary depending on a user's entitlements (font action button). For web fonts, instead of a button per variation, use a single button for the whole family.

Sketch showing individual action buttons for each style

In a supplementary area, offer details about the type family. List the foundry, as well as the type designer(s). Include official background text about the family. Offer metadata, like its classification. Finish up with a link to the corresponding family detail page at