Getting started with Typekit Platform

The Typekit Platform is a combination of design advice, APIs, and assets provided by Adobe Typekit so that products and services can integrate Typekit to help people know, find, get, organize, and use fonts.

In addition, the Typekit Platform offers dramatically improved performance over our prior APIs. So, even if your product or service has already integrated Typekit, you can benefit.

The Typekit Platform comprises a set of RESTful APIs, exposing predictable, resource-oriented endpoints that enable deep integrations with desktop, mobile, and web apps. Client applications can implement font browsing, purchase, and sync workflows, as well as manage kits used to embed Typekit fonts in websites. The API supports HTTP standard verbs, headers, and status codes.

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  • Need an overview of how to partner with us on a Platform integration? Get started on our Partnership page.
  • Learn about our recommendations for copywriting and styling Typekit-related features in our Patterns for good typographic UI.
  • Get the full, detailed developer resources for using Typekit Platform APIs.

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