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License History Reference

The License History API is used to retrieve past license history. For information on licensing Adobe Stock content, see Licensing Stock assets.

License History calls

The License History API returns a list of assets licensed for a given user or organization.


The Authorization header is required for any of the licensing calls. The API uses the header to determine the user's member number, licensing status, and default locale. See API authentication for more information.

Request headers

See Headers for Stock API calls for details about header content.

  • Required headers: x-Product, x-api-key, Authorization
  • Optional headers: X-Request-Id

URL parameters

Pass the following URL parameters with the GET request.

localeLocation language code. String. Default is en_US. See the full list of Locales.
search_parameters[limit]Optional, for pagination. Maximum number of assets to return in the call. Call repeatedly with different [offset] values to page through the found assets. Valid values are 1 through 100. Integer. Default is 100.
search_parameters[offset]Optional, start position in query. Valid values are 0 (the first found asset) or higher integers. Integer. Default is 0.

With each successive call for your search, increment this by the [limit] value to get the next page of assets. For example, by default your first call uses a 0 offset and limit of 100 to return the first 100 found assets. Call this API again with an offset of 100 to retrieve the next page.
search_parameters[thumbnail_size]Optional, thumbnail size in pixels. Specify the size of thumbnail to return for each found asset. Integer.

Valid values and meanings:
110: Small (110px)
160: Medium (160px)
240: Large (240px)
500: Extra large (500px). Returned with watermark.
1000: Extra-extra large (1000px). Returned with watermark.
result_columns[]Allowable fields to include in the history results. For more information, see Search API reference.

thumbnail_110_url thumbnail_110_height thumbnail_110_width thumbnail_160_url thumbnail_160_height thumbnail_160_width thumbnail_220_url thumbnail_220_height thumbnail_220_width thumbnail_240_url thumbnail_240_height thumbnail_240_width thumbnail_500_url thumbnail_500_height thumbnail_500_width thumbnail_1000_url thumbnail_1000_height thumbnail_1000_width


Files are returned in a JSON array with this structure.

  "nb_results": 0,
  "files": [
      "license": "string",
      "license_date": "string",
      "download_url": "string",
      "id": 0,
      "title": "string",
      "width": 0,
      "height": 0,
      "creator_name": "string",
      "creator_id": 0,
      "media_type_id": 1,
      "vector_type": "Unknown Type: string,null",
      "content_type": "string",
      "thumbnail_url": "string",
      "thumbnail_width": 0,
      "thumbnail_height": 0,
      "details_url": "string"

In the table below, fields marked with * are returned by default.

*nb_resultsTotal number of found assets in the search result. Integer.
*licenseLicense type (Standard, Standard_M, Extended, Video_HD, Video_4K). String.
*license_dateDate asset was licensed. String.
*download_urlURL to download the licensed asset (requires authentication). String.
*idItem ID. Integer.
*titleItem title. String.
*creator_nameCreator Name. String.
*creator_idCreator unique ID. String.
*content_url(Deprecated). String.
*media_type_idContent type of the asset (1: Photos, 2: Illustrations, 3: Vectors, 4: Videos, 6: 3D, 7: Templates). Integer.
*vector_typeIf the file is a vector indicates if its a svg or a ai/eps (reported as zip). String or Null.
*content_typeContent type of the file (e.g. image/jpeg). String.
*heightItem height. Integer.
*widthItem width. Integer.
*details_urlURL to Adobe Stock with content details. String.
thumbnail_*_urlURL for the requested thumbnail size, where * is the thumbnail size in pixels. You can use this to display the thumbnail on your page using your preferred display method. String.
thumbnail_*_widthWidth for the thumbnail of the requested size, where * is the thumbnail size in pixels. Integer. For example: "thumbnail_160_width": 200
thumbnail_*_heightHeight for the thumbnail of the requested size, where * is the thumbnail size in pixels. Integer.

Note: Allowable values for thumbnail_*_url, thumbnail_*_width and thumbnail_*_height fields: 110, 160, 220, 240, 500, 1000.

Example request and response

GET /Rest/Libraries/1/Member/LicenseHistory HTTP/1.1
Host: stock.adobe.io
X-Product: MySampleApp/1.0
x-api-key: MyApiKey
Authorization: Bearer MyAccessToken

    "nb_results": 13,
    "files": [
            "license": "Standard",
            "license_date": "9/21/17, 9:00 PM",
            "download_url": "https://stock.adobe.com/Download/DownloadFileDirectly/xM0nanNQXGEFjXOfV3RBTMet3uP2qDwe",
            "id": 121684652,
            "title": "Modern Album Layouts",
            "creator_name": "Creativedash",
            "creator_id": 206267052,
            "content_url": "https://stock.adobe.com/Rest/stock-photo/modern-album-layouts/121684652",
            "media_type_id": 7,
            "vector_type": null,
            "content_type": "image/vnd.adobe.photoshop.template",
            "height": 1424,
            "width": 2048,
            "details_url": "https://stock.adobe.com/121684652?as_channel=affiliate&as_source=api&as_content=73ebcc931b9c454b8cb150816fadb06a"
        }, /*... more files */