Digital asset management, superpowered by scripting

Build What’s Next in Bridge

Adobe Bridge®, integrated digital asset management for Creative Cloud applications, becomes even more powerful with scripted plug-ins you build in industry-standard JavaScript. Automate complex file conversion processes, manipulate metadata in bulk, create custom workspaces and interfaces, and integrate workflows across Adobe CC apps. 

The guides, reference documentation, and sample code in the Adobe Bridge SDK show you how to write plug-ins using ExtendScript, the extended standard JavaScript that provides access to the Creative Cloud APIs. Download the SDK today and build that superpowered asset management tool you and your users want.

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Leverage the bulk processing power of Bridge

Your plug-ins can script Bridge’s built-in capability to bulk-edit metadata and convert file types. Drive entire asset management processes with a single script.

Remake the UI

Build custom UI elements in JavaScript that provide your users a fine-tuned interface for executing the power-mode tasks you support.

Bridge across the Creative Cloud

Using ExtendScript, Adobe’s enhanced JavaScript that provides access to Creative Cloud application APIs, to build plug-ins that execute integrated workflows across multiple CC apps.

Build plug-ins with familiar tools

Adobe Bridge plug-ins are built in ExtendScript, Adobe’s implementation of JavaScript extended to expose the API. You can build plug-ins in the ExtendScript Toolkit, Adobe’s rich JavaScript IDE, or your favorite JavaScript toolset. 

Create your own custom workspaces

The Bridge API gives you full control of the application’s interface, enabling you to build custom workspaces that suit your needs (or those of others as well!)

Start from a solid foundation

The Bridge SDK comes with an extensive library of samples that demonstrate how to access and leverage virtually the entire API. No matter what you want to build, you’ll find examples to show you the way.

Create your own UI

ExtendScript with the Bridge API lets you define custom windows, palettes, dialogs, and navigation bar items to give users the kind of control you want.

Extend across apps

You can build ExtendScript plug-ins that work across Adobe Creative Cloud apps by placing them in the shared scripts folder. Your script can run on application startup and automate workflows across CC.

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