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Vector animation with enhancements from you

Custom tools and platforms at your fingertips

Adobe Animate CC offers a JavaScript API (JSAPI) to script actions in the Animate UI, and the Custom Platform Support Development Kit (CPSDK) to create plug-ins that extend the power of Animate to new platforms. With these tools, you can build extensions that make Animate do what you want: provide custom tools to supercharge the creative process, automate workflows, and more. 

Working in JavaScript and C++ using Adobe’s Eclipse Toolkit and your favorite C++ IDE, you can build scripts and plug-ins and package them for distribution as extensions. Your extensions can be given away or sold in the Adobe Exchange marketplace where users can browse and install extensions. Discover the potential for enhancing and extending the capabilities of Adobe Animate.

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Create powerful animation tools

Your Animate plug-ins can provide users with custom animation tools, animation data management, implementing complex motion controls, organizing animation assets, and more.

Automate animation processes and workflows

The JavaScript API exposes Animate to your control. Build tools that corral animation assets, control output settings, and automate export to multiple formats.

Add support for custom platforms

Leverage the Custom Platform Support Toolkit to provide support for animation formats you define.

Extend Adobe Animate using JavaScript and C++

Write scripts in JavaScript to automate Animate functions or add capabilities. Create C++ libraries that you can call from your JavaScript scripts.

Build plug-ins with powerful tools

Use the Eclipse IDE and your favorite C++ dev environment to create code libraries for your scripts to access.

Work with multiple output formats

Build automations that export Animate projects to HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, SVG, Flash, and more.

Support custom platforms

The Custom Platform Development Kit and sample app show you how to build plug-ins to define your own document types and enable support for them within Animate.

Distribute over the web

Package your plug-in as a .zxp file and upload it to the Adobe Exchange marketplace to monetize your work; or distribute it independently as you wish.

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