Adobe  I/O Authentication for API Access

Authentication for API Access

To maintain the security of your applications and users, all requests to Adobe I/O APIs must be authenticated and authorized using standards such as OAuth and JSON Web Tokens (JWT). Before you can access the User Management API, you will need to obtain access credentials by creating a new integration in the the Adobe I/O Console.

Apps that access the User Management API are service-to-service, and require a Service Account integration. When you create an integration, you receive the credentials you need to authenticate your app and authorize access. Credentials include an API Key (client ID) and Client Secret, along with a Service Account ID and your Organization ID.

  • To create a Service Account integration, sign in to the Adobe I/O Console with your Enterprise ID. Your Enterprise ID must have administrative privileges for your organization to be able to create a new Service Account integration. If you do not have the required permissions, contact an IT Administrator at your company for help. This is typically the person who distributes Creative Cloud, Acrobat or Marketing Cloud licenses within your company.
  • You will need to create or purchase a public-key digital certificate, and use it to sign a JSON Web Token (JWT), which encapsulates your credentials. For each API session, you will exchange your JWT for an access token from Adobe Identity Management Services (IMS). You will then pass the access token in all of your API requests.

For complete information, see Service Account Authentication.