Getting Started with User Management

The User Management API provides access to the Adobe user accounts that are associated with your organization. You can integrate this API into your organization's administrative applications and processes. You can use the API in scripts or programs to allow authorized administrators to create, update, and delete user accounts for your enterprise, and retrieve information about your Adobe users and their access to Adobe products.

The User Management API allows you to manage a large number of identities programmatically, rather than individually through a user interface. You can create programs that obtain account management data stored in another identity tool that you might already be using, such as Microsoft Active Directory, and use that data in calls to the Adobe User Management API to perform the creation, management, and removal of user accounts, and to generate reports or drive other processes that track which users have access to which Adobe products.


  • Create and Manage User Accounts

    Creative Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Document Cloud apps and services use an identity management system to determine an end user's entitlements. A user is recognized based on their ID. You can use the User Management API to create and manage Adobe user identities of all types. User types include the independent Adobe ID, the Enterprise ID that is managed by your enterprise but hosted by Adobe, and the Federated ID that is both managed and hosted by your enterprise. For details of supported types, see Manage Identity Types in the Enterprise help hub.

  • Manage Product Entitlements for your Users

    Users are granted access to Adobe products by adding them as members of a product configuration that has been created in the Admin Console .  The product configuration identifies the product and any product-specific configuration values.  You can use the API to add individual users to and remove individual users from specific product configurations.  You can also create user groups in the Admin Console and add and remove users from the user group, and add user groups to product configurations.  This provides a level of indirection whereby users are grouped based on some criteria that you have, and then the users as an entire group can be granted access to products by adding the group to a product configuration.

    Note: You cannot create or manage the product configurations themselves through the User Management API. For more information about creating and managing product configurations, see Manage Product Configurations in the Enterprise help hub.


Before you can use the User Management API, you must use Adobe's Developer Portal to create an API key that you will use to authorize calls. Go to the Adobe I/O Console and click the blue + New Integration button. (If you are an administrator for more than one organization, be sure the correct organization is selected before pressing the New Integration button).  When you have completed the one-time set-up process, you can use your credentials to obtain the access token you need to begin a user management session.

  • For complete details of how to set up your API access through the Developer Portal, see Setting up API Access.

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